AAM Competition R35 GT-R E85 Flex Fuel Kit

note: Photo is of the V1 Flex Fuel Kit, all new orders will ship as the new V2 Flex Fuel Kit!

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AAM Competition Nissan GT-R E85 Flex Fuel Kit

The AAM Competition Nissan GT-R E85 Flex Fuel Kit is a simple bolt-on upgrade that converts your GT-R's fuel system to an E85 Flex Fuel system. Why E85?  With proper tuning, the GT-R can gain an additional 30 to 40hp and 40 to 60lbs torque on E85.  Why a Flex Fuel Kit?  You do not want to have two tuning maps for pump gas and E85.  The reason being is that it is nearly impossible to get ALL of the pump gas or ALL of the E85 out of the tank.  Even when your GT-R fuel indicator level light turns on signaling low fuel, there is still a solid 3 gallons of gas between the Nissan GT-R's two part gas tank.  The beauty of a Flex Fuel kit is that it monitors the E content of the fuel (in the United States, most pump gas has 10% Ethanol and therefore the pump gas is actually E10) and when the GT-R engine computer has been programmed for Flex Fuel the car will always run perfect and safe no matter what the Ethanol content happens to be.  So you can have E10, E15, E30, E50, E67, E75, E90, etc. and the cars computer will adjust to ensure the car is running properly for the exact E content it currently has. Why a Gauge?  The AAM Competition Nissan GT-R Flex Fuel Kit comes with a Gauge for one simple reason - so that you can verify everything is installed and reading correctly before you add E85 to your gas tank.  Without this ability to reference the gauge reading to the vehicles ECM (computers) reading, there is a chance the flex-fuel feature is not setup properly with the engine tuning (ie. small mistake by the tuner in the EcuTek setup) or the wiring did not get installed properly, and these unfortunate situations have lead to engine damage on several vehicles.  Having the gauge to verify both the reading on the gauge and the reading on the EcuTek match make the AAM Competition GT-R E85 Flex Fuel Kit with Gauge a bullet proof upgrade!

Kit complete with electronic E85 gauge, plug in adapters and installation instructions.  

If you already have the AAM Competition Twin Pump Fuel System or the AAM Competition Triple Pump Fuel System you can choose the option for that specific fuel system and we will include additional fittings for a direct fitup for those fuel systems.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Allows the GT-R's computer to monitor the Ethanol "E" content of the fuel, which allows GT-R's setup for flex-fuel to always have provide perfect tuning
  • Includes digital E85 Gauge


  • Bolt-On Ease of Installation
  • Harness with snap-in connectors (no splicing of wires) for easy installation
  • Made in the USA

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OPTIONS Flex Fuel Kit or Flex Fuel Kit & Fittings w/ Twin Pump or Flex Fuel Kit & Fittings w/ Triple Pump

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