AAM Competition 370Z / G37 Stage III Ultimate Engine Cooling System

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    AAM Competition 370Z / G37 Stage III Ultimate Engine Oil Cooling System

    The AAM Competition 370Z / G37 Stage III Ultimate Engine Oil Cooling System combines the cooling technology of a water-to-oil cooler with the technology of a traditional large air-to-oil cooler to deliver the most effective and efficient complete engine cooling system for the Nissan 370Z or Infiniti G37. This system is designed to cool the engine oil once the temperature of the oil has surpassed 180°F.  

    As oil temperature rises engine life declines rapidly.  If the temperature it too high the engine will fail in short order.  To better explain how engine lubrication works we need to look at what is happening at the surface of the moving parts.  Machined surfaces are not truly smooth but instead have minute peaks and valleys.  This goes for the pistons, rods, bearing, cylinder walls, etc. all of the internals of the VQ37VHR engine.  When two such surfaces are forced to slide over each other opposing high spots will contact, creating friction and wear which subsequently causes distortion, scuffing, micro welding, and tearing.  This is what eventually causes engine failure.

    Engine Life Vs. Oil Temperature

    Hydrodynamic Lubrication

    During normal engine operation, viscous oil is present and the oil goes between the surfaces filling the spaces between the internal engine components.  This condition, called "hydrodynamic lubrication", is when the viscous oil allow the internal surfaces of the components to "float" on the oil film and as a result no metallic contact occurs.

    When the engine oil gets to hot it looses its viscosity.  Viscosity is a measure of an oils ability to flow and the viscosity controls the thickness of the oil film under hydrodynamic lubrication.  Increasing temperature causes oil to lose its viscosity and the oil film layer gets progressively thinner until we no longer have hydrodynamic lubrication and metal irregularities in the engine begin to contact.  The condition becomes increasingly more pronounced as temperatures climb and viscosity and film thickness continue to decline at a rapid pace - causing accelerated engine wear and/or failure.

    AAM Competition 370Z / G37 Stage III Ultimate Engine Oil Cooling System

    As soon as the engine oil temperature hits 180°F, the thermostatic switch in the AAM Competition 370Z / G37 Stage III Ultimate Engine Oil Cooling Systems allows oil to flow through the primary water-to-oil cooler. This is the initial cooling process that primarily uses the water-to-oil cooler technology.  If the oil temperature returning into the engine is still over 180°F, the thermal switch turns the air-to-oil cooling fan on to initiate the secondary cooling process and allow all cooling components to work in harmony.

    What are the results?

    With a standard VQ37VHR turbocharger build, after four to five dyno runs the oil temperature on the 370Z's VQ37VHR engine will easily climb to 250+ degrees.  With a traditional air-to-oil oil cooler setup, after four to five dyno runs the temperature will increase to 220-230+ degrees which is a good improvement but no where near the ideal 180°F to 200°F optimal oil temperature for best oil viscosity and performance.  An engine constantly running with these high oil temperatures will not last.

    With the AAM Competition 370Z / G37 Stage III Ultimate Engine Oil Cooling System after completing the very same four to five dyno runs the oil temperature holds between 185-190 degrees.  Right between the optimal 180°F to 200°F oil temperature range to achieve maximum engine life.

    Added benefit - complete engine cooling!

    Because the AAM Competition 370Z / G37 Stage III Ultimate Engine Oil Cooling System does such a great job of keeping the engine oil temperature low and also utilizes water-to-oil cooling technology, the end result is that the engines overall temperatures stay in the ideal range and do not "heat soak" or increase as normally experienced with forced induction or extended hard driving.  During a high load dyno pull on a turbocharged 370Z the engine temperature typically increases 4°F to 7°F.  With the AAM Competition 370Z / G37 Stage III Ultimate Engine Oil Cooling System we are only seeing a 3​°F to 5°F increase in coolant temperate in comparison during a high load dyno pull.

    Added benefit - does not restrict flow to the radiator and on forced induction applications does not restrict/increase air temperature to the intercooler!

    All other aftermarket oil coolers available for the 370Z or G37 use an air-to-oil cooling core which almost always mount in front of the radiator in the front bumper fascia, blocking air flow to the radiator.  This can be even worse for forced induction applications where you have excessive "cooler stacking".  Excessive cooler stacking is when you originally only have one to three coolers (ie. the radiator, power steering cooler, and a/c condenser radiator) in the front of the vehicle.  But with forced induction you now also have the front mount intercooler and an aftermarket air-to-oil cooler all "stacked" in front of each other in the front of the Z.   This means whatever coolers are in the back, like the radiator, will no longer get fresh cooler air, as when the air goes through each cooler the air flow gets disturbed and the once cool air is pre-heated from the 1st cooler, then the air is heated even more as it goes through the 2nd cooler, then heated even more as it travels through the 3rd cooler, then heated even more as it travels through the 4th cooler, etc. that are all stacked in front of each other.

    The AAM Competition 370Z / G37 Stage III Ultimate Engine Oil Cooling System system does not mount in front of any of the factory coolers, so it does not block airflow to the radiator which allows the fresh cooler air to reach the radiator and also makes it prefect for forced induction applications, as it does not mount in the way of the front mount intercooler.  Bottom line - this allows the factory radiator to receive less disturbed and cooler air which in turn allows the radiator to do its job of cooling the engine coolant more effectively which in turn increases reliability through keeping the overall engine temperature lower.

    • Designed to keep engine oil temperature at the ideal 180°F to 200°F range for maximum engine oil protection
    • Thermostatically regulated to start cooling once oil temperate reaches the optimum 180°F
    • Secondary air-to-oil cooling initiates if the oil temperature exceeds 180°F
    • Keeps your engine running longer
    • Engineered to be compatible with the space constraints of most forced induction kits (direct bolt-on for the AAM Competition 370Z Twin Turbocharger System)
    • CMM and CAD engineered utilizing state-of-the-art SolidWorks Flow Simulation 
    • Water-to-oil cooling technology
    • Air-to-oil cooling technology
    • Fully assembled and pressure tested lines
    • Racing thermostat
    • Includes all hardware and fittings for installation
    • Comprehensive installation instructions coming soon!
    • 370Z Stage III Oil Cooler Kit Oil Line Diagram: 

    • 370Z Stage III Oil Cooling Kit Wiring Diagram: 
    • 370Z (All Years)
    • G37 (All Years) - please note for the G37 the bracket that holds the air to oil cooler may need to be modified to properly fit, so some adjustment may be required for G37 applications.

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