NGK Laser .032 Gap, VR38 Recommended Spark Plug, VQ37HR 1 Step Colder Recommended Spark Plugs for TT Systems

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    NGK Laser Iridium PREMIUM Spark Plug

    Iridium plugs are more durable and have a higher melting point compared to Platinum. Enjoy the benefits of reduced corrosion, improved ignition, superior anti-fouling, and a lower required voltage. These NGK plugs will get you running smoother and making more power through increased efficiency and increased heat resistance.

    Note: Iridium plugs are able to use larger gap setting with less voltage. Some customers choose to re-gap these plugs to correct misfiring or tune for optimal spark -- do so at your own risk -- a slide-type plug gapper can damage the fragile iridium tip. 

    Exclusive Benefits

    • Dual precious metal design (Iridium/Platinum) provides maximum longevity and performance
    • Platinum alloy is welded to the ground electrode to provide superior longevity, especially in modern wasted-spark ignition systems


    • Pre-Gapped to .032
    • Fine-wire Iridium center electrode reduces voltage requirments to fire the spark plug
    • Specific original equipment design ensures proper performance and correct fit

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